Things You Need To Consider While Hiring SEO Virtual Assistant

Things You Need To Consider While Hiring SEO Virtual Assistant

Are you thinking about hiring SEO virtual assistant for your agency? If yes, you need to know some essential tips before you hire one for your website. It is because hiring any random VA for your company or project can result in no results. It would be best to find the right talent that meets your project needs and increases your organic traffic.

Virtual assistants can be a powerful addition to boost your business growth. But, it would be best if you researched well before hiring one. If you can hire a suitable VA, you can make your company or agency more profitable and productive. Most people think that VA is just for menial tasks like data entry. But that is just a myth. You can hire VA for your SEO, digital marketing, accounting, or any other needs.

So, Let’s Start With The Process Of Hiring SEO VA’s For Your Agency Or Company. You Need To Keep The Following Things In Mind.

1- Identifying Your Needs

When you start, you need to make sure of your business requirements and your exact needs. Or you can also do an audit to find out what things are required to be done by SEO Virtual assistants. It can be content, backlinks, missing on-page titles and descriptions, sitemaps, etc. Once you are done, you can hire the right person to do the job, and SEO is quite a vast field.

2- Project Scoping

After breaking down processes into small things, we will share more detail and determine who does what. For creating effective backlinks, you need to divide tasks after breaking them down. For example, you can compile the list of website owners, contributors, and journalists to pitch. Along with that, you can also set up and configure your tool sets for outreach and follow-up. Setting up data tracking tools like Ahref, Semrush, Google analytics, and console also matters a lot for reporting. After a great starting point, you need the proper screening and structure to hand off even more to your team of SEO VA.

3- Documenting Your Project

You need to create the actual document process while working with VA. It is critical for your internal team because it takes the approach out of your head as you can put it on the centralized resource. After making the proper documentation, you will be able to create the same steps. Every time by reducing the personal interpretation and guesswork. Virtual assistants are more productive, and their mind is freed up to focus on more critical strategic thoughts. You can use CRMs or project management systems to set up the work templates for specific projects.

4- Outsourcing The SEO Virtual Assistant Services

The last and important step is to outsource the virtual assistants. Getting the right person is essential, else it will get it all wrong to derail your efforts. You can hire VA from well-reputed websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Besides that, you can look for a Virtual assistant agency to hire your required talent. You need to determine that if you need to hire an overseas VA or US-based SEO VA. The overseas VAs are affordable as compared to US virtual assistants. Also, most of them are available in your time zone as well.


BPOXperts is catering to the needs of clients around the globe for years. Our team of SEO professionals is highly skilled, and we can understand the needs of each specific client to provide customized SEO services. Our SEO services include:

Keyword Research Services

Our Experts team is equipped with the right tools and expertise to help you find the right keywords for your business. We will provide the best results, and some of our services include buyer persona development. Choosing keywords along with optimization, narrowing down the best keywords list, and more.

Content Optimization Services

Our team of SEO experts has the required talent to provide high-quality content optimization. We can help you with the following services in a short time.

  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Editorial calendar creation
  • Repurposing existing content
  • Find new content using Google Trends
  • Optimize keywords in the content
  • Content syndication
  • Generate compelling blog topics

Off-page SEO

We provide highly professional off-page SEO services. Some of our off-page services list includes:

  • Link opportunity worksheet creation
  • Disallow harmful links
  • Anchor text creation
  • Competitor link analysis
  • Guest posting
  • Web 2.0 submissions
  • Existing non-linked content search

On-page SEO

Our on-page services include the following aspects:

  • Title tags and Meta descriptions
  • Headings
  • Content length
  • Internal linking
  • Semantics
  • Site structure
  • Permalink structure
  • Sitemap

Hire An Experienced SEO Virtual Assistant Today!

At BPOXperts, we are the leading virtual assistant for SEO and a series of other marketing services around the globe. We don’t only have the best team. But we are also equipped with the right SEO tools and technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

We will make sure to keep all your business considerations in mind. And we will take care of your requirements to improve your organic traffic. Hire the best virtual assistance services from BPOXperts and get ranked at the higher position in the Google search engine.

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