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5 Things to consider while hiring a Social Media Community Manager for your business

With the advancement of technology, there come many modifications in the marketing of brands and businesses. Almost everyone is using social media nowadays for marketing products and services. If you are not interested in social media community management processing, imagine a scenario when you have a bulk of products, but no one knows about it. So, what should you do?

It will help if you run your company’s social media account to get more customer support. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to handle all the social media accounts and develop a community role. To use the tricky social media marketing strategies for your company’s growth, you should hire social media managers community managers.

Role Of A Social Media Community Manager

Community managers play a key role in connecting communities to brands to fulfill the purpose of creating the brand. In fact, the community managers do everything from increasing sales to the generation of revenue. Do you amazed HOW? Well! A community manager works as a brand ambassador to engage more customers to boost sales. 

The expert social media community managers are skillful in gauging all the things and communication around the brand. Some such skilled community managers also use social media for monitoring the feedback of customers. Moreover, they also observe the engagement strategies of competitors to flourish your business rapidly. 

Is The Community Manager Similar To The Social Media Manager?

No, the community manager is quite different from that of a social media manager. As both community and social media managers use social media platforms, you might be confused about their roles and responsibilities. No doubt there exists some overlapping, but it will be wrong to say that your social media managers are your community managers as well. 

A social media manager is involved in posting all the brands’ products and services on social media platforms under brands’ accounts. These managers work as a vocal voice of the brand and provide their services by posting content and replying to customers. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that a social media manager offers direct communication with the customers who are aware of your services. 

On the other hand, a social media community manager will use his personal account instead of a brand account. Being a brand ambassador, he will upload your products on his account and check your products’ current market interest rates. They will work to develop the brand’s community by participating in various discussions to listen to their feedback. In short, they play with the sentiments of a customer to boost brand sales. 

Some companies hire only social media managers, while others go for community managers as well. You know what a popular community Sims has both managers. Its social media manager handles all the postings about products, services, and features along with the company’s promotion posts. At the same time, its Twitter community manager engages digital communities on Twitter by engaging, retweeting, and sharing. 

So, it is depicted that both of these are different. But now the question is which manager you need for the successful running of your brand. If you can manage your social media account, you still need a social media manager to provide 24/7 quick services. It would help if you also had more customer support on different platforms that can be done by hiring community managers. 

Tips To Be Kept in Mind While Hiring Social Media Community Managers

If you are going to hire community managers and social media managers for your company, you need to do due diligence to choose the right one. The following are some tips you should keep in mind for hiring community managers. 

  • Set your goals before hiring

The biggest mistake businesses commit is not having a proper image of what they want. For instance, if you need a community manager, you should write down some things that you want to see in him. Having an established criterion will help you in picking the right one. 

  • Check visual proofs

No community can expand without passion. To check the passion of the applicant, ask him to show his visual proofs. Passionate and experienced community managers usually have their portfolios for showcasing their artistic activities as a community manager. Whether you are hiring a Facebook community manager or a Twitter one, you should check visual proofs. 

  • Evaluate their problem-solving ability

The essential factor that determines your success is the problem-solving ability of your managers. To evaluate their problem-solving efficacy, you should tell your candidates about a big but achievable goal in less time and ask them how to achieve it. That’s the best strategy to check a person’s management and problem-solving skills by putting him under pressure. 

  • Never hire a clone

Do you really think a person having similar compatibility with you will also be beneficial for your business? Absolutely not. You should not hire the one who you are. It would be best if you went for even more creative, innovative, energetic, and passionate to bring more innovations in your business. Please don’t be silly to think that what an Instagram community manager can do because it is the artistic & visual representation of work that builds up the community. 

  • Don’t be hasty; Interview at least 5 candidates.

No doubt you can evaluate the best one by comparing it with your goals. But what if there is a most skillful candidate left waiting outside? So, you should allow all and then choose the one by comparing their passion, management abilities, and problem-solving skills. If you have not ample time to interview the long list of applicants, you should go for at least 5 interviews before finalizing your decision. 

Moreover, I suggest you look within your organization. There is a possibility that you might be ignoring your efficient, experienced candidate than newbies. A person already working within your company can help grow a community as you don’t have to invest your time as they know the project details already. 

So, you should hire both community and social media managers for your business. In case you are looking for a community manager and social media expert for your company, BPOXperts is here to serve you. Our dedicated team is here to help you reach potential customers and increase your sales.

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