Social Media Manager Vs. Community Manager

Social Media Manager Vs. Community Manager

Have you ever looked for a place in social media marketing and got confused by the various available job profiles? You are not the only one confused by multiple social media profiles. Many people get confused when speaking about social media and community management.

If you are not searching for a job but want to know about the jobs to post, you need to know the critical difference. Any business whether it is small or needs a social media manager essentially but does not require a community manager.

In This Article, We Will Explain The Key Roles And Responsibilities Of Both And Also Their Differences.

What Is The Role Of Social Media Manager?

Social media managers are the people who create and align social media strategies in various departments of the company. They will be tracking the company’s social media failures and successes and utilizing records to make sure that the company is continuously improving.

Social media managers are also responsible for continually creating a brand voice and curating content for social networks very well. From expressing a social media strategy to supervising every social media activity for the company, these managers do so.

They also manage brand reputation and recognition. They post on behalf of the brand and show the brand’s voice in all social media interactions. So it is considering, they are brand, not promote the brand.

Essential Skills Of A Social Media Manager

SMMs perform their task as a designer, copywriter, strategist, analyst and much more. All these skills are important for the company’s growth. Here are some sills that are highly mandatory for these managers to have include:

  • Community management
  • Tactic and Execution
  • Quality writing skills
  • Being creative
  • Brand awareness
  • Paid advertising

Responsibilities And Duties Of Social Media Manager

The core responsibility of social media manager is to drive leads and sales. They have also been dispensed to do some other mandatory tasks. Here are some responsibilities of social media managers include:

  • Scheduling the post of the latest content.
  • Attend educational conferences hire and train other people.
  • Work with designers and copywriters to make sure that content is attractive and explanatory.
  • Stay up to date with new technologies.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Recognizing and networking with other persuasive people and brands in their position.
  • Handle all latest updates based on the services/products.

What Is The Role Of a Community Manager?

Community managers promote a brand on social media and make sure that their data obtain extraordinary commitment. They are responsible for engaging and promoting customers and supporters of the community. They are permanently attached with potential and existing customers, join conversations, and make a positive brand image.

These managers do not speak on behalf of the brand itself but speak as individuals promoting the brand. They do not follow the brand’s voice. They enhanced the brand’s retention rates and drives growth by perfect setting up a robust ecosystem in which organic word of mouth can bloom.

Essential Skills Of A Community Manager

Online communities are a mandatory strategy imposed by the community manager to appoint the audience with the company items and discussion. For managing these heavy jobs, a manager needs to possess some skills in him/her. Here are many skills that are high mandatory for the community manager to have include:

  • Excellent communication skills Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical ability Domain Knowledge Engagement skills
  • Good in market research Adaptability
  • Organization and project management ability

Responsibilities And Duties Of Community Manager

Here Are Some Responsibilities Of A Community Manager Include:

  • Taking customer feedback for the brand.
  • Boost engagement factors by leveraging discussions.
  • Articulating and retaining community policies and recommendations.

Difference Between Social Media Managers & Community Managers?

  • The social media manager speaks on behalf of the brand, but the community manager does not speak on behalf of the brand.
  • The job of social media manager to spin around the content, but a community manager’s job revolves around social interactions.
  • Social media managers engage your latest audience, while community managers aim to focus more on people who do not know the brand.
  • SSM makes goals and measures KPIs regarding reach and referral traffic while CM views consumer emotion and moderation data.
  • SSM is a much comprehensive profile, while CM also falls under their preview.


This article is best for you if you are searching for a job or hiring someone to handle your social media initiatives. In this post, we have discussed the social media manager vs community manager jobs very well. After reading this article, we hope you clear every doubt about each type of manager’s responsibilities.  In case you are looking for remote community managers or social media community managers, you can choose BPOXperts to get a professional and well-trained staff.

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